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You can do anything for 20 seconds, right?!

That’s what Tabata is all about and why it’s so powerful in workouts. It allows you to really push – because rest comes quick. It’s only 20 seconds of work! But the next set comes even quicker! (insert evil trainer laugh here)

Are you ready to Build Muscle and Burn Fat?

Join me for 8 weeks of progressive Tabata! We’re crushing Lower, Upper, Cardio Core, and Total body days … progressing from the standard Tabata – to SUPED-UP! Tabata – to DOUBLES!

You will sweat. You will see change. You will get stronger. You will get leaner. And you WILL have fun the whole time (well – there might be a bit of cursing throughout – but you’ll feel amazing at the end!)

And just remember – it’s only 20 seconds! You CAN do anything for 20 seconds.

What’s Included with the Tabata Series:

There are 8 workouts in this series, available online 24/7 when you’re ready to work! They’re approx 30 minutes each, and include the full workout -with warm-up and cool down. Designed for ALL fitness levels, with limited space. All you need is some dumbbells and wifi!

Lower, Upper, Cardio Core & Total Tabata are the first phase. Then we head into SUPED-UP … followed by DOUBLES! Be sure to check the calendar each day so you’ll know your workout. And! I recommend printing it so you can add a sticker each day when complete! MOTIVATION! Boom!

This program is about PROGRESSION. Use these tracking sheets each day to track your weights, your modifications, and your comments throughout. Watch for your progressions – and let them motivate you to keep going

Shane Blevins