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This Mini Gentle Chair Yoga Course is a beautiful gift to help beginners, seniors, and those with limited mobility truly enjoy learning positive mindfulness, all while effectively strengthening and empowering their bodies through the practice of yoga.

Key Points:

Gentle / Chair Yoga Mini Course is designed by Lacey Powell Fitness and Dance, GFI, CPT, CMT, CBT, 

Program Details:

● GOAL: To introduce yoga postures and practices to disabled, senior / active older adult, and/or 

beginner community; develop inner awareness; focus on breath; build strength, flexibility, and 

mobility throughout the body; and bring attention to mindful practices in the present moment.

●   CLASSES: Seated Chair Yoga, Standing Chair Yoga, Gentle Standing Yoga Flow

● FITNESS LEVEL: Specifically geared towards the disabled, senior / active older adult, and/or 

beginner community. Can be used by all fitness levels as part of an active recovery routine. Yoga 

is a practice of being aware of one’s capabilities and extensions.

●   LOCATION: Designed for small spaces

●   EQUIPMENT: Stable four-legged chair without armrests. Option: Yoga Mat. Additional Equipment 

can be yoga straps, bolsters, yoga blocks, blankets, pillows, etc.

● WORKOUT CALENDAR: This is a self-paced mini course. Participant use as part of an active 

recovery routine, work their way into a regular fitness routine, or progress themselves at a 

reasonable pace without pain or excessive discomfort, from the seated chair yoga to standing 

chair yoga, then the gentle standing yoga flow.

● MINI COURSE: These 3 workouts are designed as a stand-alone mini-program, or they can be 

combined with others to create a longer full program. 

Many choose to utilize one workout for awhile until they feel comfortable with that one and then move to the next, forming a good Yoga base of knowledge and practice. 

Shane Blevins