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This is a functional fitness program created and conducted by Ro Little.

The Four Categories of Blocks:

Push, Pull, Core, Skills

What Is Functional Fitness:

Squat.  Lunge.  Hinge.  Walk.  Rotate.  Push.  Pull.  These are the 7 functional movement skills we use in everyday life.  Functional Fitness trains all of these movements in a unique, fun, challenging, and inspiring way.

Why Functional Fitness is Important:

By mirroring the movements of daily life - like squatting, reaching, or even carrying a heavy object - building functional fitness can help increase the quality of life and reduce the risk of injury.  Functional Fitness basically makes daily life easier.

How this Functional Fitness program works :

This program is EVER growing!  What does that mean?  Well - Every other month, or so a new Functional Fitness BLOCK is released as

and added to the course here.  This block can be used as stand-alone workouts  … OR … you can add blocks from different months on to one another, creating a larger program.  

Even though each block has workouts in these same 4 categories, each block release has a different theme or workout protocol.  For example - one month it may be drop sets .. another month it may be pyramid, go for reps, tabata, quadsets, and more! 

How to use the Blocks:

You are welcome to use all these workouts however suits you best: 

  • Blocks can be used as their own separate workout program

  • Or - full blocks can simply be added on after previous blocks

  • Or - You can pick and choose components from different month’s blocks.  Ie - you can replace a PULL one month with a different month’s PULL workout.